Efficiency and expertise in customized reporting.

Pub Alley Reports are affordable and meet your specifications.

Recurring and one-time reports are available for publishers and distributors. Some reports include data not available in Publisher Alley, such as YBP approval sales estimates. Other reports draw on large amounts of data from
Pub Alley to show a customer's market share within B&T, or leadership within particular subject categories.

Put the skills of the Pub Alley team to work for you to obtain reports quickly and efficiently, freeing up your valuable staff time for other tasks.

Pricing is determined by report frequency and complexity. Most annual report subscriptions range between $750-$3,500.
Pub Alley subscribers receive a discount on list rates. Contact us for details.

Our Newest Report Offerings:

  • Category Reporting

    (Quarterly or Biannual)

    Compare the performance of your press to others in the same B&T subject category. Discover your company's ranking among publishers at B&T, its performance against average (overall and in leading market channels), and emerging subtopics within the category. Executive Summary available here. Current reporting delivered at the end of each selected period; historical reporting also available.

    Free Component: Observe aggregate five-year category trends overall. One report available per month and linked on Alley Talk in the Trends & Analysis section.

  • Dot-Com Sales Reporting

    See which of your press's titles have sold via Baker & Taylor through specific Internet partners: Borders.com, Buy.Com, Overstock.Com, Target.Com, Wal-Mart.com, and Reading Warehouse. Reporting is available for individual retailers or as a package. Delivery is via email to 10 addresses that you supply. Sample report available here (data for illustration only).

Ongoing Offerings:

  • Academic Titles

    Academic Titles reports break out sales in the academic library channel at the ISBN or imprint level, showing YBP approval sales estimates, total YBP sales, and total B&T academic library sales. Soon to include sales from former Blackwell customers.

  • In-Depth Competitive
    Reports by Subject Area
    and Market Share

    Ideal for sales conferences or editorial summits, these detailed reports show your company's performance in key subject areas among all B&T customers. Track your performance monthly or quarterly, or, for an added level of analysis, compare your performance against that of competitors. Subject areas, competitors, and sales periods all customized to your specifications.

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